Project Overview

At last, Douglas County has a development that has been planned to truly enhance the lives of its residents.

Georgetown Village The entire layout of the project is specifically designed to promote sustainability. Close to employers in both Carson City and Douglas County, Georgetown Village is also connected to employers in South Lake Tahoe by the Kingsbury Shuttle operated by BlueGO.

Instead of facing a street, homes front onto a greenway that encourages walking and neighborly interaction. Thoughtful floor plans with green materials, beautifully landscaped exteriors, and an upscale community center provide for a tranquil getaway.

walking trailsWalking Trails and Pedestrian Connectivity

Have you ever arrived home from work just to realize that you forgot to pick up a gallon of milk or the dry cleaning? Georgetown Village offers an extensive network of walking paths. Within minutes of your front door, you can walk to a convenience store, the library, the dry cleaner, the park, or a neighbor's home. Georgetown Village was specifically designed to de-emphasize the car and provide maximum pedestrian connectivity.

cafeThe Village Center

As a mixed-use community, Georgetown Village provides both residential housing and commercial opportunities. The small village center provides enough commercial space for a coffee shop, dry cleaner, daycare, and convenience store. There are live/work units that allow the owner to simply commute down a flight of stairs. In addition to these businesses, Georgetown Village has provided space to the Douglas County Library System to provide an Express library branch. This branch will provide internet access, a limited number of books, and a children's section. Community living is what Georgetown Village is all about.

Project Features

GE PROFILE - Power, performance, innovation, and style all packed into one kitchen. Whether you enjoy cooking, entertaining, or just food, GE Profile is a great choice. GE Profile mixes years of experience with innovation to provide a stylish efficient product. Georgetown Village will be equipped with GE Profile's new induction cooktop. Popular in commercial and European kitchens for years GE is now making the induction cooktop available to U.S. customers. Induction cooktops work by using an electromagnetic field to heat the cookware. The induction cooktop not covered by cookware will remain cool to the touch. Beyond energy efficiency, induction cooking allows for very fast, even heating, with precise control of temperature ranges.

wheat boardCabinets
WHEATBOARD INTERIORS - Wheatboard is an environmentally sound panel product made from wheat chaff with an alternative isocyanate (MDI) binder that uses no formaldehyde. This creates an emission-free board that far exceeds the industry standards. Wheatboard has numerous advantages over traditional wood-based panel products: it is more moisture-resistant; has better screw and nail retention; is machinable; provides an ideal surface for paints and laminates; and possesses superior strength and stiffness - not to mention that no trees were killed manufacturing it. Wheatboard was chosen by Georgetown village due to its minimal environmental impact along with the durability and flexibility it will offer owners as they customize their homes.

BAMBOO - Highly sustainable and environmentally sound bamboo floor coverings have become the ideal choice for those seeking the beauty and durability of hardwood flooring without having a detrimental effect on the environment. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource: because it is a grass, not a wood, it can be harvested every 3-5 years. Bamboo is also one of the hardest natural materials available for flooring. Not only is bamboo environmentally friendly, it is also consumer-friendly, and is available in countless colors and styles that will compliment any interior design. Georgetown Village is proud to offer bamboo flooring not only for its environmental advantages but the beauty and practicality that it will bring to your home.

CARPET - Big George Ventures has chosen Mohawk Everstrand as Georgetown Village's carpet of choice. This fine product is made from recycled plastic beverage bottles. The P.E.T. used to make these bottles is a higher-grade material than used in traditional P.E.T. carpet. When those discarded bottles are recycled, they can be processed into fibers that are far superior to lower-grade synthetic fibers used in making other brands of carpet yarns. To make their carpeting, Mohawk recycles more than 3,000,000,000 plastic bottles each year - 14,000 every minute! - turning each one into gorgeous, eco-friendly EverStrand carpet.

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